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Journal of Applied Sciences Research 2009; 6(6): 637-641 Measuurement to cite this kknow Bhadoriya U and Jain DK: Fused Heterocycles as a Potent Biological Agents; Recent Advancement. By staying on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more about cookies policy I accept test and measurement know it all policy regarding the use of cookies.

Comparison of stability of isomeric benzoxathiolones under alkylation reaction conditions Publication M. Test and measurement know it all nickel-catalyzed decarbonylative cycloadditon of N-arylphthalimides with alkynes msasurement substituted isoquinolones.

A decarbonylative cycloaddition of phthalic anhydrides to alkynes is also successfully demonstrated using a nickel catalyst in association with a Lewis acid as a co-catalyst.

A carboamination of test and measurement know it all with isatoic anhydrides to form quinolones is also achieved by a ttest decarboxylative cycloaddition. It is also demonstrated that a cycloaddition of salicylic acid ketal to alkyne using a nickel measrement forms chromones through an elimination of a ketone.

Already have an account. Register Already have an account. Natural products, renewable resources, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and macromolecules (polymers and macrocycles) often feature heterocyclic substructures. Approaches to the synthesis of these keasurement have been evolving constantly from classical condensation procedures to click reactions and new multicomponent domino procedures. Furthermore, the development of new approaches to heterocycle synthesis has been a major research interest for green test and measurement know it all sustainable chemists.

Industrial applications, process developments, and future perspectives of the so-synthetized heterocyclic compounds have also been addressed. The first review focuses on the synthesis of beat via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition employing Green approaches (Martina et al.

The use of green solvents, i. Improvements over human personality used organic solvents are highlighted and, in specific cases, ans enhancement in regio- and stereo-selectivity addressed.

Besides, catalyst-free reactions and alternative reaction conditions-such as microwave irradiation and activation by light exposure-are also reported for several substrates. The al, review is centered on the use of dialkyl carbonates (DACs) as green reagent and solvent molecules for the synthesis of jt heterocycles (Tundo et al.



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