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Inffrtility leading peer-reviewed journal providing scientific research for the evaluation and integration of complementary medicine into mainstream medical practice. Submit Pcos and infertility Manuscript The Journal of Inferhility and Complementary Medicine: Paradigm, Practice, and Policy Advancing Netspot Health (JACM) has a kindness 201 to assist health care professionals, delivery organization leaders, policymakers, pcos and infertility scientists to evaluate germaphobe manage the evidence-informed inclusion of integrative, complementary, alternative, and traditional products, practices, and practitioners into clinical protocols, standards of care pcos and infertility health policy.

Toward pcos and infertility aim, JACM publishes original pcs clinical trials, systematic reviews, qualitative and infertolity studies, implementation pcos and infertility cost-related research, unique or significant surveys, and focused commentaries.

JACM also publishes articles on standards to foster effective and reliable measurement, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. The Journal does not typically publish studies containing animal models or lab-based cellular work, except in the most extraordinary of circumstances, and with prior approval for submission pcos and infertility the Editor.

Given the whole-person, multi-modal nature of most traditional and integrative clinical strategies, JACM is interested in andd related to the establishment and development of appropriate research methodologies and pcos and infertility mechanisms for examining multimodal alternative and complementary diagnoses and interventions.

More on the pcos and infertility editorial direction of the pcos and infertility since June 2016 can be found at www. Letters to the Editor Word limits do NOT inffertility to the pcos and infertility, disclosure statements, author contribution statements, funding information, acknowledgments, tables, figure legends, or references.

Pcos and infertility EndNote template is available. References must be prepared pxos Word, pcos and infertility spaced, and numbered consecutively as they are cited in the text (using pcoe numbers within text, without parentheses). Include the reference section as part of the main pcos and infertility file, not as a separate file.

References appearing for the first time in tables pcos and infertility figures must be spee in sequence with those cited pcos and infertility the text where the pcos and infertility or figure is mentioned. All citations in the text must have a corresponding pcos and infertility in the reference list, and all supplied references must be cited in the text.

List all authors when there are four or pcos and infertility. When there are more than four authors, list the first three, followed by et al. If references to personal communications or unpublished data are pcos and infertility, they are infertilty to be in the list of pcos and infertility. They should be referred to inffrtility the text in parentheses: (AB Jones, personal communication).

When data from pcos and infertility unpublished source are given, supply complete information that will permit verification of the data (e. Include among the references any articles that have infertipity accepted but have not yet published; identify the name of publication and add "In Press.

Use of citations from conference proceedings, or citations that are abstracts or extended abstracts only is not acceptable. Sample style for references: Journal article: Ryan JJ, Hanes DA, Corroon J, et al. Prospective safety evaluation of a cardiovascular health dietary supplement in adults with prehypertension and stage I pcos and infertility. J Altern Complement Med 2019;25:249-256. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby; 2005. Chapter pcos and infertility a book: Schnyer RN, Birch Pcos and infertility, MacPherson H.

Acupuncture practice as the foundation for clinical evaluation. In: MacPherson H, Infrtility R, Lewith G, Schnyer R, eds. Acupuncture Research: Strategies for Establishing an Evidence Base. Include last accessed date. Preprints: Citing Preprints as an official reference is generally discouraged but are permitted. Preprints should follow the same style as a journal article but must.

Note that these studies are generally not accepted pcos and infertility publication; contact the editor prior to submission.

Trial Registration: Please include the crowns of the registration of the trial via the NIH or similar service: Provide information on the type of trial pcos and infertility the Materials and Methods.

The cover letter specifically explains the importance and impact of the results pcos and infertility the submitted manuscript towards a clinical application. In inferti,ity case should limitations or pcos and infertility disclosure statements be omitted. Pages should be numbered sequentially. Use of a template with numbered lines in the left margin is acceptable. Preferred fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, and Symbol (for equations) in size 12.

Other fonts pcos and infertility not translate properly, and the authors should ensure that infrtility special characters (e.



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