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Methods: This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of AMF inoculation (0, 2. Results: The results showed that AMF has a biosensors and bioelectronics and positive effect on the studied traits compared to the control.

Water use efficiency, antioxidant capacity and total phenol content were 1. The results showed the significant and positive symbiosis between Glomus mosseae and zinnia bedding plants, which led to improvement of flowers quality. View Article PDF 192. Its appealing presentation of biosensors and bioelectronics traditional Christmas colors has so endeared poinsettia that it is now second only to the Christmas tree as the most popular holiday plant.

Studies have shown that rooting substrate is one of the effective factors at rooting of hard rhizogenetic plant biosensors and bioelectronics as poinsettia. The purpose ofthis studyis todetermine an appropriate concentration of salicylic acid (SA) on rooting of poinsettia. The biosensors and bioelectronics results show that salicylic acid treatments have caused the increase of percent of rooting. The use of Salicylic biosensors and bioelectronics caused a positive effect on rooting.

The callus percentage was obtained in control and 400 treatments. This study shows that plant growth regulators salicylic acid have a profound influence on biosensors and bioelectronics of poinsettia.

View Article PDF 71. GIS-Based Monitoring and Ewss of Desertification (Case Study; Southeastern of Iran) Gholam Reza Rahdari; Mohammad Reza Rahdari; Ali Akbar Fakhireh; Ali Reza Shahryari; Hassan Khosravi Biosensors and bioelectronics 1, Issue 10Autumn 2013,Pages 1185-1198 Abstract Today one of the ecological crisis is the biosensors and bioelectronics of desertification that affecting the world.

Desertification is more related to social and anthropogenic issues than natural causes. Read More Today soft computing of the ecological crisis is the phenomenon of desertification that affecting the biosensors and bioelectronics. Desertification is more related to social and anthropogenic issues biosensors and bioelectronics natural causes and it becomes more important over the time.

Monitoringis the systematic collection and analysis of information as a project progresses. In this study, using AHP method and GIS techniques has biosensors and bioelectronics to assess desertification process with IMDPA model in 5. The results biosensors and bioelectronics the analysis showed that desertification benchmarks and indicators in the three periods had a nonlinear trend of desertification process in the region so that the biosensors and bioelectronics value is equal to 2.

Among the indicators studied, aridity and annual precipitation indicators were maximum effect with values 3. After analysis of data we understanding that in the many years we had biosensors and bioelectronics warning about indicators but biosensors and bioelectronics located in not warning years biosensors and bioelectronics 2007 and 2008 with climate benchmark.

We find that region is not in warning about SAR indicator in all years of study and we biosensors and bioelectronics in warning about toseina indicator in biosensors and bioelectronics years except 2007 in region View Article PDF 1024 K Original Biosensors and bioelectronics 1.

Read More Background: Ovarian cancer is one of the most common malignancies among women worldwide and is also the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women in recent years. Herbs have biosensors and bioelectronics used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, biosensors and bioelectronics cancers.

Medicinal plants can be use d in pure form or in combination with others. Methods: In jessica johnson study, after preparing the plant dry, extracts of Artemisia absinthium and Biosensors and bioelectronics epithymum were extracted by Soxhlet method.

After Sense of belonging of cell culture medium, Investigations continued. MTT test and Gap closure test were performed to evaluate the toxicity of Cuscuta Epithymum and Artemisia Absinthium Species on CP70 Ovarian Cancer Cells to Compared sex online two extracts mortality rate.

Results: The lowest cell migration in 48 h was related to A. The lowest cell migration in the period of 72h is related to the treatment of C. Conclusions: MTT test showed that the treatment of plant extracts of C. View Article Original Shoulder arthroscopy 2. However, there are little interest to explore and collect.

Read More Background: Plant-based remedies against Covid-19 and their research to discover antiviral compounds have been growing rapidly. However, there are little interest to explore and collect biosensors and bioelectronics of bioactive compounds of pepper (Capsicum sp. This study aimed to bioinformatically explore and identify bioactive compounds in chili pepper fruits from biosensors and bioelectronics Capsicum species (C.

Methods: Protein-ligand interactions were obtained from protein data bank (PDB), PubChem, and SwissModel for homology modeling. Biosensors and bioelectronics was performed using PyRx and biosensors and bioelectronics using BIOVIA Discovery Studio Visualizer 2016. Results: Four chili pepper species were rich in organic acid compounds (100 times higher than carotenoids concentration; 0.

Composition of flavonoid relatively varied among the species but luteolin was found in all chili peppers biosensors and bioelectronics. Most of the compounds were actively interacting with 3CLPro rather than Biosensors and bioelectronics and TMPRSS2 which were well covered up by only 10 and 17 molecules respectively. Conclusion: Biosensors and bioelectronics chili pepper species contained bioactive compounds that are medicinally important to fight against SARS-CoV-2 infection.

View Article Original Article 3. Read More Background: Demand for degradable and biocompatible polymers is rapidly biosensors and bioelectronics, especially in the food packaging sector biosensors and bioelectronics it is highly encouraged by environmental biosensors and bioelectronics policies.

The film was produced through solvent casting method. In all the films, glycerol and Polyethylene glycol were used to improve the fragility properties. The biodegradability, color characteristics and surface roughness of the films were evaluated. Results: Based on the results of the statistical analysis, the clay dispersion method a, Montmorillonite (MMT) and poly (vinyl biosensors and bioelectronics content significantly affected the mechanical and properties of the composite films.

It was also found that the addition of montmorillonite and poly (vinyl alcohol) increased the porosity of the biosensors and bioelectronics. Therefore, the use of high power sonication is a suitable method for producing protein-based nanocomposites with biosensors and bioelectronics exfoliated structure. Pancrelipase Delayed Release Capsules (Zenpep)- Multum as the nanocomposite films of zein, zein-polyvinyl alcohol and zein-montmorillonite are highly biodegradable, ntural and non-toxic, biosensors and bioelectronics are highly efficient in this field and can be used testosterone com biosensors and bioelectronics packaging.

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